Be you, not nobody else and you better be god damn

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Early at work Ty no traffic and #potluck #foodporn #nomnomnom #chickenenchiladas #gaycub #happyatwork

Need help idk what to do for work? Ugh lol #gaycub #bowtieortie #vestornot #helpme #onlyme #gettingreadyforwork

Anonymous asked: You both need to learn how to fuck. Its disgusting the way you think youre great tops. I've seen bottoms fuck better than you both. Oh the poor boys and men who get crappy rimjobs and anal sex from you guys. Hunter, youre still hot though. Go find someone hotter than Cole. Too bad he never lets you get fucked by any of the models in your videos. Stop with the unprotected sex with strangers too. Can't wait til youre shut down for sharing something more than just entertainment.



Wow your anonymous? what a SUrrrrpriseeee lol anons have such big balls while hiding in the shadows lol  So my question is for someone that is so disgusted by us, you suuuuurrreeee know a lot about us, our names, how we fuck, how we rim, everything lol why do you watch us if we are so disgusting Hmmmmmmm lol

SPEAKING of low self esteem and wicked witch haters lol I am soooo happy this bitchy twitchy witchey sent this cunty message via her flying monkeys lol :) perfect timing hater :) thank you :) we were JUST talking about sad people like you…..So boys and girls, let this evil “nitwit” be a lesson to you, this is what you may become if you dont have love and happiness in your life, often times unhappy sad individuals with low self esteem or now love or sex in there life will reach out and try to drag you down, but dont let them get under your skin, haters like this guy are like having a sad greasy little pimple on your ass lol its irritating, and if you ignore them they will eventually fade away into nothing, but I like to pop them right away before it become to irritating lol so POP your blocked little hater pimple!


Brooke Candy photographed by Tim Richardson for The Sunday Times Style (UK) Fashion Director: Nicola Formichetti

(via yesweknowyouverywell)

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